Don Conreaux and Christof Bernhard will be back in Denmark March 18-25 2020 for a new AGMT

I am so happy to announce that Don Conreaux and Christof Bernhard will be teaching again in Denmark March 18th-24th and doing international webinars March 25th. You can read about Don here.

We will be experiencing 7 FANTASTIC FANTASTIC days of tapping into Don’s great wisdom of working with the Gongs and playing the Gongs and all the other exciting instruments as well as his wisdom of holistic living. He simply has SO much wisdom to share with you. The only thing I can say…have you never met with Don…You really need to come. He just has SO much to give and a genuine passion to do so for the best of all of us. It will be 7 days you never will forget. They might even change your life as my meeting with him in June 2017 did.

Christof will also be back and teach the passionate, Italian way that is just SO inspiring.

The Program in short 

The training will include daily Gong classes AND at the same time we will have daily lectures by Don. Being a Gong Master is not only about playing the Gong. For me it is SO important you get the chance to dive into his great wisdom.

Teachings will include:

  • Daily Master Class Lectures by Don sharing his wisdom
  • The 23th we will perform a wonderfull concert
  • The 24th will be a special day dedicated to the NO9 Gong
  • Voice training by Anne Ryom for integrating your voice in your Gong Baths
  • The newest perspectives of the science of the sound
  • Learn to listen to the Gong…not only with your Ears but your whole Body and your Heart
  • The effect and development of the Gongs and gong playing for now and in the time to come
  • 1 Gong 10 Mallets…experience the difference and make just one Gong an adventure
  • Intensive flumie training…the sounds of the Dolphins and Whales.
  • Music Theory
  • How to set up a Gong Bath and play in groups the Italian way
  • Shruti singing and how to play the Shruti
  • How to work with and incorporate other instruments in your Gong Baths and Performances
  • Time for Individual playing 

As we had huge succes training and performing the beautiful concert we plan to do so again and a new perspective of the Science part will be part of the program as well.


Location will be in Copenhagen with easy access to parking, public transportation and the airport. Venue will be decided soon.

My Italian teacher Christof Bernhard

Assisting Don will be my dear and very passionate Italian teacher Christof Bernhard, who himself is a student of Don Conreaux and has been doing teachings with Don in Italy for 9 years now as well as setting up gong training in his company Gongplanet. Christof has a very special way of working with the Gongs and has built the most fantastic Gong Community in Italy. He even sets up Pujas for 350 participants having 70 Gongs and 35 players for the event. Working with Christof will definitely take your gong-playing to another level.

The Voice Coach Anne Ryom

Anne Ryom will be our voice teacher the 19th. She has been singing professionally since the age of 5, is an educated musicolog and been working with soundhealing for many, many years. Listen to Annes beautiful voice here

The Gong Maker Rolf Nitsch

I am also pleased to welcome my Gongmaker Rolf Nitsch from Gongland. He simply makes the most fantastic Gongs and he will be in Denmark to share his 40 years of knowledge of making Gongs…So just ask him…he knows EVERYTHING about Gong making.

He started his education of making Gongs at Paiste back in 1977, has studied Music Therapy and now has his own Brand of Gongs. And they are for sure fantastic. More than 40 years of making Gongs and he is still VERY passionate about his handcraft.

About myself Lone de Bie

Very early one morning in July 2017 I left for my very first experience of playing the Gong. I had been to a very few Gong Baths but never touched a Gong myself. I did not even know what a mallet was.

By instinct, I knew that this was going to change my life. Not knowing why or how. I just knew and it certainly did. So it is my passion to share the Gongs with you.

I have completed 4 Advanced Gong Master Trainings and the Gong Teacher Training in Slovenia 2019 and now hosting my second Don Conreaux and Christof Bernhard AGMT in Denmark. The teachers at AGMT in Italy 2017 and 2018 were Don Conreaux, Aidan McIntyre and Christof Bernhard. In 2018 I also attended The Gong Caravane of Peace travelling Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia with Don Conreaux and Mojca Malek. In summer 2019 I attended the first-ever Gong Teacher Training Conducted by Don Conreaux and Mojca Malek which certified me as a Gong teacher. And now I also have hosted the first ever Don Conreaux AGMT in Copenhagen September 3rd-9th 2019 and the next March 18-24 2020.


Price for FULL 7 days of intensive training March 18th-24th including coffee, tea, water, fruit, lunchbuffet and afternoon cake :

Full Price DKR. 8999,- ( € 1199 ) deposit DKR. 2000,- ( € 270 ) at registration and the remaining before Martch 1st. 2020. Please note the deposit is non-refundable.

If you only want to take part in the Gong Training March 18th-21th the fee is DKR 5500,- (€ 695,- ) deposit DKR. 1500,- ( € 200,- ) at registration. Please note the deposit is non-refundable.

If you only want to take part in the concert training March 21th-23th the fee is DKR. 5000,- ( € 670,-). This couse is only for students already familiar to Don’s teachings or participating in the training March 18th-21th. Please note the deposit is non-refundable.

If you only want to take part in the NO9 Gong day March 24th the fee is DKR 1000,- (€ 135). Participation is registered upon payment and spots are limited. It will be possible to attend the day on livestream.

March 25th will be a day of international webinars with Don and Christof. 

PLEASE NOTE if you are new to gong playing or to Don Conreaux’s gong techniques an intro course ahead of the training is offered either in person or online by SKYPE at additional DKR 750,- (€100)

ARE YOU READY TO JOIN YOU US IN COPENHAGEN?….all you have to do is to register at

PLEASE NOTE spots are limited.

Bank information: 

reg. no. 2132     account no. 6275644720

IBAN no.: DK1520006275644720     SWIFT:  NDEADKKK

Holder of Account: Lone Hauerberg de Bie, Drosselvanget 5, 4540 Farevejle, Denmark

PLEASE NOTE transportation and stay overnight, breakfast and dinner are NOT included. We will be happy to assist you to find the right place to stay. The training will take place close to Copenhagen with many different possibilities. Venue will be announced soon.