My very first Gong meeting with Don, Aidan, Christof and “Rolf”…all together

Meeting with Don, Aidan, Christof and “Rolf” the 5th of July 2017 made that evening a very special evening . For two days I had been attending the intro course for the Advanced GMT in Italy led by Christof Bernhard. It was late night and I was on my way from the venue to the hotel when I met Don and Aidan in the hall. I felt it was too embarrassing to turn around and stay so I left the building.

But walking on the other side of the road I could hear Dons voice SO clearly even though I was 100m away from the building and all the windows were closed. I stopped, stood for a little while and then decided to go back.

Looking back at this not very good video, my future with the Gong is all incapsulated in it. My three wonderful teachers Don, Aidan and Christof and not in person but represented by a prototype Gong also my fantastic Gong maker Rolf Nitsch from Gongland. I actually bought the Universe gong in the video as my very first Gong.

Before I left for the training I just KNEW it would change my life. Not knowing exactly how but I just knew. And for sure it has. I have got so many gongfriends from all over the world. People I have met at my two Gong Master Trainings in Italy and the Gongcaravane travelling Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia.

I look so much forward to share my passion of the Gongs with you and hope to see you soon.