I got a call to teach to play Gong

I have never considered myself a teacher in any way or have ever had the calling to teach. But one evening this summer at the mountain Smolnik in Slovenia my perspective changed totally. I got a call to teach to play Gong.

My meeting with 3 fantastic girls

It was the evening before we started the in-house training before going on the “Gong-Caravane of Peace 2018“. I had brought my 3 Gongs, my Ocean Drum and my Rainstick to the training and started setting up the stands and the Gongs. In the room 3 girls of 6, 8 and 9 years old were playing but when they saw the Gongs they approached me with BIG eyes. “WHAT IS THAT?” one of them asked me. And I told them to wait a minute.

I finished setting up the Gongs and started playing for them. And they were just amazed. Then as guided from above I started to teach them to play the Gongs with mallets and flumies and the Ocean Drum and the Rainstick. It was fantastic. They just picked it up right away.

It was SO wonderful for me to share my Gongs with the girls..feel their enthusiasm and joy. The played as a team for nearly 3 hours that night switching the different instruments.

I got a call to teach to play Gong

The next day at breakfast they were waiting for me and had one of the parents read the handwritten note to me in English..WAUW it meant a lot to me and had me thinking!!! I felt like I got a call to teach to play Gong.

The joy of teaching to play Gong

No I had never thought of myself as a teacher. But I actually HAD been a teacher for most of my grown up years in many aspects of life and I realized that it just meant SO much to me to be able to give and enrich the life of others by playing the Gong.

Since the night in Slovenia I have shared my Gongs with a lot of people new to the playing. Children, young and older men and women and people from all walks of life. And the response is always the same…amazement, joy and connection.

I have taken my call to teach to play the Gong very seriously and would just love SO much to share the experience with you as well. Please check “Do you want to play Gongs?” for more info.

Thank you letter from the 3 girls
Thank you letter from the 3 girls

Dear Mrs. Lone

Thank you for being here and for teaching us to play Gong and other instruments.

We thank you

Lara, Sinja, Gea♥