My first Gongland Gong

After attending the Advanced Gong Master Training in Italy July 2017 I just HAD to have my first Gongland Gong. I decided on a 36″ Universe Gong as my first Gong and it has definitely been a great joy for me to play it ever since.

I still remember the night I returned home very late and looked at it. MY Gong. I had been driving for 10 hours and nearly 1000 km forth and back to the workshop that day. But I felt NO tiredness at all. Just pure joy.

Getting your first Gong

I think getting your first Gong is always something special. It will always mean something special to you. And as my Gongland Gongs are some of the very first Gongs Rolf made in his own label to me that makes it even more special.

I decided on a 36” Gong as it big enough to make that deep sound I really love. The sound that really just “fills the room” and touches something in everybody. It is a fine size for me to easily take to teachings and Gong Baths and share it with whoever wants to listen or try to play. One thing is playing for yourself but sharing just fills me with joy.

But I admit it I LOVE big Gongs and the day I went to pick up this Gong I fell in Love. REALLY love at first sight. I saw it the moment I entered the room and could immediately feel the vibrations even though it was only hanging on the stand. A fantastic 42” Old Wise Earth Gong. Not for sale that day…but after half a year I bought it. Read the story here.

The sound of the Gong

I had the great joy of having Aidan McIntyre being in Germany with Rolf that day. I persuaded him to play a little and I just want to share it here with you. A VERY special day for me indeed. Hope you enjoy and get inspired 🙂



I just love my Ocean Drum

I have always felt deeply connected to the Ocean. Ever since I was a little girl I just loved to go swimming in the Ocean. No matter how cold the water was. And the bigger the waves the better it was for me. And so it still is. And I guess it always will be and that is why I prioritize to live by the Ocean. As an adult I have even started winter bathing going into the water even though the temperature is below freezing point.

The effect of the Sound of the Ocean

But being in the water is not the only important thing for me. The sound of the Ocean is so very, very calming for me. The sound of the waves rolling onto the shore just calmes my mind and nerveous system. It is an easy way to get this effect into your daily life. This way I can have the calming effect every day and that is why I just love my Ocean Drum.

Ocean Drum in my Sessions

As I feel so deeply impacted by the sound of the ocean, I always incorporate the drum in my work. It is so funny to experience that even though people lie or sit with closed eyes, they open their eyes just a bit to see what is going on when I start to play the Ocean Drum. I can feel that the participants in the Sessions just wait for me to come and play close to them. And that they feel kind of hmmm when I move on to play for the next person.

Scientific proof in progress

In past years a lot of studies has been done to prove scientifically that sounds really do impact us as humans. The studies really intensifies these years even in the established Health Care Systems and the Universities around the world. I have read over and over again in the articles that sound will play a major role in our health care in the future.

So yes I really enjoy studying this topic. To make it easy for you to get access to some of my findings I have included the page “Scientific studies” on this website. This page will be updated on a regular basis and please feel free to send me your own findings.