Do you want to play Gongs?

My question to you is. “Do you want to play Gongs?” Maybe you have been to a wonderful Gongbath lately and felt the deep, deep vibrations and impact of the Gongs. So now you are getting curious and start feeling like “I want to try to play the gong too”. And maybe you think “is it possible to learn to play Gong in Denmark?”

Well, then you definitely have come to the right place. Sharing my gongs with everyone who wants to listen and join playing is my absolute greatest joy. So in the past 3 years I have traveled more than 10.000 km in Europe with my gongs. As they are Gongland Gongs made by Rolf Nitsch not that many people I met knew about them in advance. But now they do 🙂

Who can play the Gongs?

Even though I sure love to listen to the Gongs and to play the Gongs my GREATEST pleasure is to teach how to play the Gongs. To witness the excitement and joy it awakens in my students is fantastic. No matter whether it is children, people of all ages and of both genders. I have not yet met a person who did not get amazed by the sounds and vibrations and curious of knowing much more about these fantastic instruments.

What does it take to play?

The fantastic thing about getting to play the Gongs are that you do not even have to know anything about playing an instrument. to be able to play the Gongs from the first minute. It is all about learning to really LISTEN not only with your ears but with your heart and whole body as well.

Ready to get started?

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