Gong for Companies

Avishai Barnatan in conversation with Dr. Bruce Lipton on the effect of soundhealing.

Gong for Companies is definitely a mission for me to introduce in Denmark. I know that a lot of Companies really do take good care of their employees now a days. Simply in recognition of the fact that balanced, healthy and happy employees work more efficiently, get less stressed and become less ill.

Gong for relaxing and rejuvenating

Stress is a major factor in our lives today.  We know we need to eat well, exercise, relax and spend time with the ones we love in order to perform well. Our time is limited and we often sacrifice relaxing and rejuvenating because we do not think we have the time. But we NEED to relax and rejuvenate to rebuild and retain energy. A Gong Bath is simply a fantastic way to do exactly that in just one hour.

Scientific Research

I know from all the research Articles I have read that the sound will be a major Health Care factor in the future.

I cooperate with Scientists and Gong Players from all over the world and especially the US, Dubai and Germany. The effect of the sound as a healing and rejuvenating factor is definitely getting still more recognised everywhere. In several Countries as Germany, China and Sweden they already have incorporated sound treatment in the Hospitals.

Do your Company want to experience a gong Bath?

Please feel free to contact me on +45 40 55 26 01 or lone@lonedebie.com if you have any questions regarding the effect of the Gong Baths or Sounds in general.

I will be more than happy to provide you with some of the Scientific Studies I have found so far. You can find links to some of the research here


As Gong Baths are not yet common in Denmark I would love to do an Introduction Session in your Company. The session will include:

  • a short introduction to the Gong and the effect
  • the 45 minutes Gong Bath
  • a little time for refelection
  • Q&A

The price for an Introduction Gong Bath on Zealand is kr. 2000,- ex VAT

If your Company decides to have regular Gong Baths we can work out a special price. You might decide on weekly, semi-weekly or monthly Gong Baths. Maybe you have just a few employees or maybe several hundreds. Everything is possible.

I look forward to play for you