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Tania Massamiri Ph.D.

Tania is recognized in the field of integrative wellness and sciences as one who gracefully bridges the science of quantum sound vibrations with metaphysics for the integration of body, mind and spirit​

She avails her skills as an educator, scientist, sound therapist, gong master, and integrative wellness facilitator.  Her classes, workshops and retreats, encompass a multitude of practices including sound therapies and various modalities of energetic therapies. She also leads sound healing and silent retreats into nature swimming and connecting multi-dimensionally with the dolphins and whales.

Tania is passionate about empowering people to improve their own well-being.  Her unique work in rehabilitation centers for substance dependence using gong sound meditations has proven very beneficial in catalyzing individuals’ healing by adding a powerful, systemic and efficient means to re-create harmony as they journey back to independence and wellness. Sound vibrations are powerful means to heal and restructure the physical & energetic bodies.  The energetic effects of sound are known to potentially entrain biological systems at the cellular levels to function more harmoniously.  Sound and vibration help facilitate a deep sense of peace, release tension and blocked energies, and balance the energy centers of the body.

Tania is a gong master extensively trained in the art of sound therapy, she also holds a doctorate in pharmacology and toxicology.  After spending 2 decades as a biomedical research scientist and being honored with numerous awards, she has completely merged both of her innate gifts as nature’s advocate and scientist.

Anne Ryom Singer, Songwriter and stress related coach using the voice to heal you

Anne Ryom
Anne Ryom