Private Gong Session

Maybe you want to try a Private Gong Session at home? Maybe you want family and friends to join? Or maybe you want to try to play yourself?

The fact is that we all live very busy lifes now a days. Jobs, family, friends, exercising and keeping up with cooking healthy food..and now you also want to try the experience of a Gongbath! But why try it in your own home where you can feel relaxed and get the full benefit of the Gongs? And your house get the vibrations of the Gong as well!!

What does a Private session take?

A private session can easily take place in your livingroom or any other room in your house. Off Course playing the Gongs makes sounds so you have to consider the neighbors if you live in an apartment but maybe just invite them to join?

For the Gong Bath the size of the room depends of the number of people. It is optimal for you to lie down during the playing but it is definitely not a request. People can sit on the floor, the couch or a chair just as long as they sit comfortably and relaxed.

For having a private teaching in playing all we need is just the place for 1-2 Gongstands and some space around the stands. A gong lesson does not mean you need to play loud so it can easily take place nearly everywhere.

Who can benefit from a Gong Bath?

Honestly I cannot think of anybody who will not benefit. Gong Baths are for all ages. Even babies get calm just they are not exposed directly to very loud sounds but stay in another room. The Gongs do not need to be played very loud for the vibrations to have the relaxing effect. And the other instruments as the Ocean Drum and the Sinsula are very very soft.

Who can play the Gongs?

The beautiful thing about the Gong is that everybody can play. Any age from very young children to old people. And you are able to play right from the start. You do not have to know anything about playing music or nodes. It is all about learning to LISTEN to the Gong, explore the Gong and experiment with the sounds the different mallets and flumies make. It is a journey that never ends and once you try it most people I have met get amazed.

Please note that when you play the Gong yourself you both have the joy of playing and at the same time you get the healing effect of the sound and vibrations.