Testimonials for Lone de Bie

When I play and teach playing the Gongs I get fantastic feedback mainly because of the fantastic Gongs. But I often get great feedback on my way of playing and some very kind Testimonials for Lone de Bie. Please check “up-coming events” or “Do you want to play Gongs” for info.

Testimonials for Lone de Bie

” Lone has a unique approach to her gong playing.
She feels and moves with her strokes as though guided from within….all culminating in a beautiful journey. “
Michael Mayzel
Wishing you all the best. And if you are thinking about having workshops for kids, you are the one for that. 🙂
Love from Slovenia, Anita
Thank you very much for your workshop at Copenhagen yoga festival!
I was looking for gong meditations for a while  and at festival I even had a chance to discover gong techniques with the teachers from your Academy.
That was a great experience to reveal gong sound secrets. I really enjoyed your workshop! Much thanks!
Kind regards, Madlena Mirsalimova


Testimonial for Lone de Bie
Thank you letter from the 3 girls

Dear Mrs. Lone

Thank you for being here and for teaching us to play Gong and other instruments.

We thank you

Lara, Sinja, Gea♥

A very beautiful experience which took me on a journey. I felt cleansed and rejuvenated. It is an exiting expirence.

Betinna Petersen

Very comforting – trancending in time and space – it was a very integrated experience.


A very strong influence the first time – Fear > attention > grounding > connection to the Universe > joy.

I have now had more Gongbaths and would like to experience even more.


Just absolutely wonderful. Nothing negativ only enjoyment.


It was an intense experience. Especially the vibrations impacted my body. I would love to go again as it is wonderful and up-lifting.


It was an absolutely fantastic and beautiful experience. I totally lost sense of time and felt as I could stay forever. It is an experience I really will recommend. It does “something” to your Body and Soul.

Camilla Haslov

Wonderful, trustworthy, exiting.

I would like to experience another Gongbath – I am sure to get many experiences and healings that I am not yet aware of.


Super beautiful and calming.

Pernille Holitz

Fantastic Sound and a wonderful experience which gave me inner Peace.