Upcoming Events:

Apart from the International Don Conreaux Gong training March 18-24 2020 at the moment I do private events at companies, educational institutions, private groups and yoga studios.

Do you want to set up a private event for a group of people, friends and/or family or set up an agrement for gongbaths at your company please do not hesitate to contact me at phone +45 40552601 or mail Lone@Lonedebie.com

The growing interest for the Gongs is relatively new in Denmark. When I started my education in becomming a Gongplayer and a Gongteacher only a very few performed Gongbaths publicly. Now just 2,5 years later the numbers are growing at exponentially rate which means more and more people get to know about the amazing effect.

If you wonder about the benefit of Gongbaths or playing yourself both for healing and an activity for your family and/or friends I have listed quite a few links here:

Lone de Bie
Lone de Bie