What is a Gong Puja?

The Gong Puja is a very special experience lasting 7 ½ hours which is the equivalent of 10 x 45 minute Gong Baths. It is said by Yogi Bhajan that 10 Gong baths can cure everything. So this is really a special experience created by Don Conreaux. It was performed for the first time at Gaunts House in 2000 at the GMT.

What does the sound of the Gongs do?

The sound of the gong will repair and rejuvenate you during the Gong Puja. You will fell the cosmic ocean of vibrations wash over you both cleansing, unblocking and freeing you. The harmony created by the Gongs bring you an inner stillness where deep healing can occur.

What is going to happen in the Gong Puja?

When you arrive at the Gong Puja you choose your “bed” for the night. We will serve tea and a little bedtime snack to ensure you do not get hungry during the Puja. Then we tune in to the night doing a few Kundalini Yoga exercises and some deep breath exercises.

Then we start the Gong Puja by playing the gentle sounds of the Wind Chimes, The Ocean Drum, the the Sinsula and other instruments taking you into the start of the Puja with a powerfull 45 minutes Gongbath.

Throughout the night the gongs will be played by different gong players. 1-2 persons will play at a time throughout the night and early morning whilst guests sleep or meditate bathed in the healing vibrations of the gongs. In the early morning we will finish off with another powerfull Gong Bath. Then the Gongs will go silent and the Puja will end with the sounds of the Wind Chimes.

Rising after the Gong Puja we will all in our own pace say “good morning” to a wonderful new day. Some might want just to sit with a warm cup of tea and reflect. Some might want to share experiences from the night. You just do what ever is right for you to incorporate the Puja. Breakfast will be served before you leave.

Through the Magic of the sounds of the Gongs, we all can transform our lives and you can describe this experience as joining a Spiritual Puja-ma Party! 🙂

I hope to see you at the next Gong Puja for you to experience the magic. Please check for upcoming dates here.