What is a Gong Bath?

Gongs and instruments set up for Gong Bath
Gongs set up for Gong Bath

Have you ever wondered “what is a Gong Bath?”…or a Sound Bath as it also is called? First of all you do not get wet as no water is involved. Instead you lie down on your yoga mat to relax with closed eyes and get bathed in the wonderful sounds and vibrations from the Gongs and the other instruments as Ocean Drums, Wind Chimes and Singing Bowls.

Scientific proofs

At the moment more and more Scientific work is taking place to prove the huge effects of the Sounds in general. Please read much more about these findings here.

The structure of the Gong Bath

The Gong Bath takes 45 minutes plus intro, “waking up” and sharing. In order to get the most out of your gong bath experience please

  • wear comfortable clothes
  • bring a plaid and maybe a pillow and maybe your own yoga mat
  • bring socks to keep you warm

Then simply lie on your back, close your eyes, surrender yourself. Please be openminded, listen, and allow the vibration of the gong do the work while you disengage from the world.

The effect of the Gong Bath

When the body relaxes, the mind quiets and autonomous functions, like heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration will go down.  This will open you up to receive the healing sounds and vibrations.

The individuel effect

It is important to understand that the effect varies from person to person and from time to time. It is a deeply personal experience each and every time. The sounds and vibrations of the Gongs and the other instruments do whatever they are supposed to do to that specific person at that specific time. So you never know where the sounds and vibrations will take you. Just surrender, relax and trust.

Some of the feed back I have had so far from my own attendees are:

  • I put an intention for the Gong Bath and I found an answer
  • I felt deeply relaxed both under and even days after the Gong Bath
  • I felt Kind of mental healing effect
  • I was put in a meditation state which quited my inner dialogue
  • It was just wonderful when do you do this again?

Effect of a Gong Bath

Important after the Gong Bath

As the Gong Bath has a detoxing effect on the body it is important to drink lots of water in the following days.

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